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The American brand started out as a tropical dress first. Later it turned to the public clothing. Later, it was acquired by the gap group. Now BR is a higher pucci dress positioning product line in the gap group, and the clothes are a few grades higher than the gap. The style is also mature. Atmosphere, suitable for urban white-collar workers. However, the BR family still has a lot of casual clothing suitable for young people, and his family also has a dedicated vintage area that specializes in retro classics. His family's clothes work well and style is more classic and bearable, one can be worn for several years, unlike some brands wearing a wash on the deformation.
British brands, English gentleman style entry-level representatives, to be true to the authentic British gentleman style, of course, go to Savile Row, but not to spend time on the map and do not have the wealth of artificially tailored friends for Hackett London's Clothing is a good choice. Although tailored but still stylish, the material used is very good, and the price is high. For ordinary people, it is the best choice for enjoying the authentic British gentleman style at a lower price.

Through the inventory of niche and luxury goods, Xiaobian is not difficult to find, they all have their own style, but also have the characteristics of communication. For example, when you choose Hackett London pants, you may also think of the KEVIN SHAHROOZI T-shirts. Different brands of emilio pucci long dress clothing can be worn with different tastes through clever matching. This type of clothing brand represents the trend of light luxury goods, not only allows fashion-conscious fashionistas to enjoy the "affordable" but also always at the cutting edge of the trend, highlighting high quality of life.

For fashionable men and women who pursue high places, it is most suitable for clothing brands with light luxury lines. Not only is it well-known, but also has great potential in workmanship and design. In addition to this, niche luxury brands are not only Or quality is remarkable, completely no less than a luxury brand!
11.05.2018 o godz. 18:10
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